Caroline G.

Although I have lived in Holland for a while, I had found learning Dutch quite difficult. Dutch people like to speak English and quickly switch over to English as soon as they hear an accent. I could manage with the small amount of Dutch I had picked up, but, for my work – and for my social life, I really needed to improve my understanding and speaking skills. I just didn’t have the energy or application, after a day at work, to use self study books. Then through my work, I had the opportunity to take Dutch lessons and was lucky enough to get Jos as a teacher. I can honestly say I always looked forward to her lessons. Jos quickly identified the areas I needed to improve and we used books, DVD’s, word games and conversation to make areas like Dutch word order come more naturally. We had a lot of fun in her class but learnt all the time. Jos is one of those teachers you always remember; she loves the Dutch language and has real passion for teaching it. She takes pride in helping her students improve. I surprised myself by passing NT2 II Dutch exam after taking Dutch lessons with Jos.



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Cultural differences

During the lessons we are, of course, sensitive to cultural differences. It is often not just a question of how you say something, but what you say in which situation!

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