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The goal for taking this course was to improve my fluency. This was achieved. I find Jos very easy to converse with. She is friendly and very open to discuss any topic. I was interested in her answer to my questions. This allowed me to feel confident in speaking Dutch.

Excellent teacher. I really enjoyed the different methods we used to learn, especially pronounciation, grammar. I would love to have further lessons with Jos. She is an exceptional teacher.

I am really very satisfied. I found it very pleasant having private lessons and Jos adjusted her teaching to fit my tempo. Having worked as a teacher myself, I admire her patience and how she smiled when I said something incorrectly for the tenth time! I’m only sorry I have finished my week long course with her.

Mrs Craaikamp is a very good and experienced teacher who is able to create a very relaxed but also very interesting athmosphere with excellent teaching results. I came to Amsterdam not able to read or write Dutch. Now I understand a lot, read books. My writing skills still need improvement, but are much better than expected. I enjoyed the course a lot, especially because of our excellent teacher. I feel after these 4 weeks up to cope in my daily and working life in the Netherlands. I enjoyed the course and the learning so much, that I will continue to study.

Jos  is very perceptive of the needs of different students, has  lots of insight, flexibility and humor. I could not have had a better individualized teacher – even if I had chosen her myself.

Professional approach, good coach, pleasant personnality. Sticks to her plan. Easy to laugh and connect with. Great patience. Encourages self-responsibilty, fair.

I expected to understand the medical and nursing terms used at the hospital and understand the process of admission/discharge of patients. I have learned more than I expected to. Jos’ presentation was excellent, involving all the students at a level which they understood.

I expected to feel more anxious going to class each day. Thankfully mw Craaikamp made us feel at ease from the first day. This rapport with the teacher gave me more confidence to speak Dutch. I expected to be embarrassed when I made mistakes, but mw Craaikamp was encouraging and correcting us in her pleasant way. Mw. Craaikamp recognized when our morale was low and adapted the schedule content to suit.

For only one week I got a lot of material that will help me very much to start practicing Dutch now. After a certain period of time I would like to have another course in order to further improve my Dutch. I have learnt more than I expected to.

Easy to realize that she did already a lot of these courses: heaps of experience. Mrs. van Craaikamp supplied me with very relevant material. She is very flexible. Glad I was here.

I want to extend my sincere grattitude towards Jos for her patience, skills, and positive energy. It made my learning much more fluid and pleasing. I enjoyed my week’s course with her and look forward to returning in the future.

The way Jos teaches made the lessons a very pleasant experience. Because she is sensitive to the level of interest and response shown by her students, and because of her pleasant character, a productive and pleasant learning environment was maintained at all times. The material and professional literature that the teacher selected was particularly well suited to learning grammar as well as to the specific interests of the group. Specifically ‘Langue française et agriculture tropicale’ in the second part of the course was very useful.

Jos has good didactic ideas. I always felt motivated. She could easily put herself in my shoes and the exercises were useful. She is professional through and through.

Mevrouw Van Craaikamp is an excellent teacher who is able to provide serious intervention with a liberal dose of ‘Amsterdam’ humor. She has a complete grasp of her teaching methods, and she communicates them clearly and effectively.

It was a fun class, with lots of real life examples. I particularly enjoyed not just using the textbook, but using other teaching methods as well. Overall, an excellent introduction to learning Dutch.  The teacher was very good. She was interesting and kept things varied. Good job!

I really enjoyed the course. Jos gives lots of positive energy. Thank you!!

I am very satisfied with this course. It was very interesting.

I really enjoyed this course. Jos was a wonderful teacher. I’m sad to see this course end. Thanks very much!

I found the course interesting and enjoyable. Mrs van Craaikamp is an excellent tutor. We worked at my pace – very fast tempo – which allowed me to gain maximum benefit and insight from the course.

Course, content and teacher were excellent. Jos made it fun to learn. I would definitely be interested in further lessons probably after three months or so of practice.

In my opinion, Mw. van Craaikamp has, in a short time, taught me a lot of French language.


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