About Plezier in taal

About Plezier in taal

Plezier in taal is a young company with years of experience.  In a secure, friendly atmosphere I help non-native speakers overcome any problems with Dutch language and culture. My strengths as a teacher come from my ability to put myself in the position of the student. I love language and get a lot of pleasure from getting to know my students and sharing my love of language with them. That’s why I called my company Plezier in taal.
And my lessons don’t stop at just learning the language. I pay lots of attention to cultural differences and how those differences influence, and are expressed in, the Dutch language. Of course we also cover lots of useful, practical information about Holland as well.
The majority of the training sessions I give take place within companies. An advantage of this is that the student doesn't have to spend time traveling to and from lessons and can be back at work with no time lost. Furthermore, I can absorb the company culture and reflect it in my lessons. But should another location be preferred, that can also be arranged.
Besides Dutch language and cultural training, I also teach  French and if need be, can arrange lessons in other languages by calling upon one of the many excellent teachers with whom I cooperate.


About me

josI have, with pleasure, taught Dutch and French language and culture for 19 years at KIT (Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen) in Amsterdam. KIT is the foremost language and cultural training centre in Holland. I started my own company in 2005.

After I finished my Master's degree in French Language and Literature with General Linguistics, I studied Education specifically Dutch as a Second Language at the University of Amsterdam. In subsequent years I have taken many further courses. For example Teaching French for business, Spanish language courses, I.T. and intercultural communication. My students come from all over the world. Dutch is my native language and in addition I speak English and French as a near native, and Spanish and German at a lower level.

Jos van Craaikamp

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Cultural differences

During the lessons we are, of course, sensitive to cultural differences. It is often not just a question of how you say something, but what you say in which situation!

More information?

If you are interested in any of the Plezier in taal courses, please send an email to mail@plezierintaal.nl or call me on 06 (31) 16 51 00 78 for further information.