Improve your spoken Dutch with Plezier in taal

Improve your pronunciation so that you feel more confident when speaking and people answer you in Dutch rather than in English.

You can speak good Dutch but still Dutch people reply to you in English. They mean well but it’s a little irritating and, although you have lived here for 20 years, it makes you doubt your proficiency. Can you really speak Dutch as well as you think? Well yes, you probably can, but it is almost certainly a question of your pronunciation. As soon as Dutch people hear even a slight accent, they seize the opportunity to practice their English. But, it’s frustrating for you and not good for your self-confidence. In the course ‘Improve Your Spoken Dutch’ we concentrate fully on that aspect of your ability so that in future you are answered in Dutch.


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Cultural differences

During the lessons we are, of course, sensitive to cultural differences. It is often not just a question of how you say something, but what you say in which situation!

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