Preparation for the Dutch as a second language (NT2) exams

Improve your chances in the job market and qualify for the nationally recognized NT2 diploma.


Passing this exam shows that you have reached a high enough standard in Dutch to be able to follow a course or to practise a profession. If your Dutch is approaching this level, the course Plezier in taal offers as preparation for NT2  is, like the exam, divided into four parts (speaking, listening, writing and reading).


There are two levels of The National Exam NT2:

Exam programme I is for people wishing to work in the Dutch job market for example as sales assistants, in administrative functions or in the care sector.

Exam programme II is for people wishing to find work in middle or higher functions, and who perhaps need to follow a high school or university training course for that profession.


This implies that you can either do the exam NT2 - I or NT2 - II, so you don't need to take the exam NT2-I before you do the NT2-II exam.


The National Exam NT2 is made-up of the following sections:


Each section is tested separately and you receive a separate certificate for each part. The four certificates together form the diploma NT2.


The training course

During the course, we use practice papers and material from previous exams as course material so that students can practise with, and are fully prepared for, the four competence areas needed for the exam.
By comparing the student’s performance with the official examination criteria, it is possible to get a good idea if the student is ready to take the exam. During this course, we continue to practise the areas of grammar that cause the student problems.


If you would like to know more about this course, please call me or send me an email. I would be pleased to give you more information.


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Cultural differences

During the lessons we are, of course, sensitive to cultural differences. It is often not just a question of how you say something, but what you say in which situation!

More information?

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